Gokujuo Manga by Maya Miyazaki with Anime Adaptation

Gokujyo manga revolves around a very odd high school by the name of Gokurakuin (Gokujyo) where there are barely any rules, especially in the girls’ dorms. The story is about the battle to rule over this school, a battle between two cute girls: the newly transferred Minami Kurihashi and Aya Akabane. Can Aya prove to be the strongest and keep the power out of Minami’s grasp or will the cuteness of the latter come and rule over everything?

The anime adaptation of the manga will be available for the viewers in the first part of 2012, although a date is still to be announced. Another project by Miyazaki has already gotten its fair share of TV appearances (Miyazaki Maya Daizukan) and a video anime project of Holy Knight (again by Maya Miyazaki) is in the plans too.

The first edition of the manga by Maya Miyazaki came out in 2009 and was serialized by none other than Super Jump by Shueisha. Next month this magazine will end and some stories will continue in the new one by the same publisher entitled Grand Jump.

Source: Anime News Network

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