Top 5 Chinese Characters in Anime

I know what you’re going to say now: Oh, no, another typical top 5. Well, sorry to disappoint you, as always, your very own Shinigami will not be typical nor boring. This will not be a classic top 5 of handsome male Chinese characters or most terrifying Chinese characters neither will it be a sexiest top 5 female Chinese characters in anime. This will be my very own, personal top 5 chart of both male and female Chinese characters in Japanese animation (anime). I will position them based on my own opinion, though; I will also include some basic info about the specific person. Also, as always, these descriptions will be written by me. Nothing copy/pasted.

Xingke Li, Code Geass

Xingke Li, Code Geass

He’s agile and flexible, he’s trustworthy and pride, he has honour and he has the weapon to slash through even the Empress’ guards. He is the only one able to command the Shen Hu nightmare frame which can compare to even the strongest Britannian one. For me, a human who is able to fight for the best of someone else, for the pride and honour of someone else and for a promise given to someone else is a lot worthier than some of the most popular characters around the anime world. Moreover, being sick and still able to achieve as much and not give up on the dreams f someone else is a virtue most people don’t understand nowadays, making them too unworthy of somebody else’s loyalty too.

Lenalee Lee, D. Gray Man

Everyone who knows what D Gray Man is about would definitely agree with me that Lenalee lee is exactly the character to be put here. Okay, I do know she is not Akuma nor is she a reincarnated Noah, but so what? Lenalee is a beautiful young girl with immense innocence powers and is probably the Heart itself. Moreover, she is not the Orihime-type of character that is there only to cry and scream the lead character’s name, she is there to actually participate in the battles, to console the others, to give advice and to suffer… a lot. Even after she had to give up all and managed through severe suffering to regain herself, she was there, ready to fight and to bring her friends out of the darkness. Her boots’ make her one strong character, her dark and terrible past make her a strong personality and her cheerful and lovely friendship makes her a strong support for all that need such.

Count D, Petshop of Horrors

I do know that this list is filled with bishounens and Count D takes this to an even higher level, maybe even crossing the line for some, but tell me now, and do it honestly – do you think someone who can control mythical creatures and legendary beasts can be compared to all those muscular men you have in the common shounen anime? For me the answer is simple – no one from Naruto or Bleach could be measured to this man’s mental abilities. Anyway, how do we even know if the ‘pets’ he gives to people are real and not a piece of imagination he has implanted in some strange way into the heads of these same people? Mystery, intellect and marvellous mind game specifics is what makes Cound D a perfectly shaped Chinese anime character; even if he is androgynous looking and quite a candy maniac.

Hei, Darker than Black

Also known as Shengshun Li, Hei is probably the strongest contractor in the Darker than Black universe. He is the notorious BK-201 murderer. Everyone is afraid of him from his common-life friends to the very police chiefs and even the other greater contractors. His mask is a thing that can cause mayhem only by being present in a situation. Being the ruler of electricity and without anyone knowing too much about him, even his colleagues, including his contract’s clauses; he is definitely a frightening force. Hei, though, has a lot of flaws including a past he is pretty occupied with and a few changes that occur within his own character, making even him wonder. Though, change is what makes humans important, especially if it’s for the good.

Lau, Kuroshitsuji

Okay, I bet you didn’t see this coming since Lau is quite a common person when it comes to special, superhuman or supernatural abilities. In reality, I would like to think of him as one of the strongest characters in Kuroshitsuji even though he is not a demon nor has one under his control. I am putting him here not because of direct approach strength, but rather because of his huge influence and the fact that he can control everything in a massive organization and be respected even by the worst kind of people, without being anything better than a common person. And in case you think him having control through wits is not enough, think again – he even manages to have Ranmao keep him save if needed. She definitely is a physically strong one, being able to fight even a master demon.

Although I am not such a big fan of the Gintama franchise, if I want to be fair and just, I must name also Kagura as one of the strongest anime characters with Chinese heritage. There are two reasons why she is not present in the official list of mine. The first one is that, as a Shinigami, am not such a big fan of comedies and parodies and because of this I don’t like Gintama. It might also be due to the strange hmour which is not as dark as mine, but don’t mind me. The other reason is that even though she looks like a Chinese girl and acts like one on several situations throughout the first Gintama show (which I have seen), she is supposedly an alien to Earth and not a member of any earthy clan. Even though, being so close to Chinese, Kagura needs to be mentioned, even if not positioned exactly in a position, in this list.

With this, my top 5 of Chinese characters in anime is over. I do know that there are even more such in many anime, I personally can name at least 10 myself, but these are the most worthy ones among them… for now.

I would be happy to read your own opinion on the matter, even if it’s not the same as mine. After all, that is why Earth is such a good place – many souls, many minds.

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Chinese Characters in Anime

  1. Thank you, Shinigami-sama, for acknowledging the greatness Count D is…and actually knowing him! The manga’s amazing and the anime (even though too fragmented) is well worthy to watch. He’s a legend. :)

    Also a big confession – Xingke Li is one of the best-looking anime guys ever. :) Apart from that fan girl moment I allowed myself, even Lelouch admitted he’s got both – his strategy skills and Suzaku’s bravery.

    I also strongly agree with Lau. Amazing guy, transmitting the cultural idea of a Chinese “outlaw” – witty, brave and a strategy master.

    Great job, Shinigami-sama :)

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