Brad Pitt in All You Need Is Kill?

According to the latest information provided by NY’s Vulture blog, Warner Brothers have not only settled on a script of a new project based on a Japanese manga comic, bu they have even asked an internationally acknowledged actor to take the lead role. The project – All You Need Is Kill. The actor – Brad Pitt.

There is a great hunger for Japan-themed and Japanese-created materials around the world No, it is not because of the events from March 11, at all. The Japan hype has been around for as long as a year or maybe even more depending on your location and it has taken over everyone from world celebrities to the smallest child. Hello Kitty, Bleach, Naruto and One Piece are just some of the names that make Japanese franchises as popular around the world as they are. Even one of the leading directors in the movie business is attached to this project already.

Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need is Kill is a science fiction Japanese text novel and is one of the favourites in its genre. It is no wonder this same novel has atracted the attention not only of Warner Brother Pictures, but also director Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). The newest name to come in the rumours is that of none other but Brad Pitt himself. Do I really need to put titles in brackets after his name? In his numerous years as a leading actor he has participated in titles such as Twelve Monkeys, Interview with the Vampire, Se7en, Thelma & Louise, Ocean’s 13 and more. Considering the fact that he was the Mr. in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (directed by Liman), there is a high possibility that he would take on the part of the main character Keiji Kiriya.

Do you think Brad Pitt would do a good job as the lead character or is he too candy-like for the United Defense Force’s Kiriya who, after his first sortie as a part of the squad, is killed but find himself in a strange time-loop and has to relive the same day over and over again, having to try and defeat the intruding “Mimics” instead of failing?


Source: Anime News Network

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

11 thoughts on “Brad Pitt in All You Need Is Kill?

    1. I would say.. probably with him losing a few decades off his age and a few tens of pounds… I’d see Bieber playing him more – he’s popular and can dye his hair. Though, I wouldn’t watch this even if they pay me in shinigami food (and it is quite hard to get, trust me)

  1. I don’t believe that! What does he have to do with Keiji Kiriya?! I know he’s an actor, but anyway?! Keiji is a new recruit – NEW, get it? He’s not like 50. Plus – he’s much more darker then Pitt. I don’t mind Mr. Pitt as Tylor Durden, but I don’t see him as Keiji. Sorry, but I think it will wipe off the character of the novel and turn it into a mediocre movie.
    Hope they reconsider.

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