Ohayoo, mina-san!

I am very sorry for being absent for two days. I had to do some reaping since I was here anyways. It is a hard work, but someone must do it *actually loves doing it*. Moreover, I even got to meet up with a dear friend of mine (another shinigami, yes), although I might say that one was completely careless of the reaping, the shinigami was just having their vacation and hasn’t even told the organization in which dimension they were. Sometimes I am really annoyed by my colleagues, but, I still love them as friends, although they are bad colleagues *more like servants!*.


Expect one-two photos from the meeting rather soon!


I hope you don’t mind me with my schedule, after all, I am the man in charge.

14 thoughts on “Sorry for Being Absent

  1. LMAO! *more like servants* :D
    You were HUGELY missed, Shinigami-sama!
    Especially by a no-lifer like me, who went 3-4 times daily to check on the blog…
    I understand, though – reaping’s really important, so – do your best!!!!

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