Japan – Pride and Honesty after the Earthquake

I am very aware that this is not anime nor manga news, but I also know that it is because of the people of Japan that we are so in love with their arts including not only animation and comics, but also pinart, origami, kabuki theatre, karaoke (although it’s not exactly an art) and many more. I need to say that I am entirely supportive of Japan, I have helped as much as my status has allowed me to and I would be more than happy to see this great nation come out of the mud that was left from all of Nature’s wrath and stand up to the world, proving that honesty and pride can let you survive.

Why is this post here then? It is here because I just read a news article about Japan after March 11’s events. I will not bring you a lot of information, be at peace, I will just redirect you to the article. This article is another great example of why many are looking up to everyone who is 日本人 (Nipponjin for those who can’t read the signs).

I have to thank@JapanNewsDaily for sharing the link with their followers on twitter. Just skip quotes such as “There’s no evidence Japanese people have extreme norms of honesty,(…)It’s partly cultural training, but mostly the law urges people to hand in lost property to the police.” and see the facts, not the theories.

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  1. Why do I always get teary eyes, when I read about Japanese people? Laws?! Come on, people – all laws say you should return money you found to the police, but who does it?!

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