Harukaze by Scandal – new Bleach OP

Just today it was revealed that the new Bleach opening theme song will be SCANDAL’s bright new single “Harukaze”. This new opening will be used for the anime TV series’ upcoming arc, which will be entitled Shinigami Daikou Shoushitsu (click to read the article) .

The new arc will be the first cannon one since the end of the Arrancar arc. Until the start of the new arc, there will be the last few episodes of Nozomi and Kon’s romance, happning in an old-stile Bleach graphics and character design. Tite Kubo’s original manga has been in the new arc for quite some time, so there shouldn’t be any need for additional fillers anytime soon. (fortunately for the viewers).

SCANDAL is a Japanese all-female quartet and have a great amount of experience within the anime industry. Let’s not forget that their works include: Bleach’s 10th opening “Shoujo S”, ED 4 of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood “Shunkan Sentimental” and more. Here are videos of the two mentioned theme songs:

EDIT: Videos of the Opening and also the Ending of Bleach Can Be Seen Here

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own anything of the videos and do not claim to.

Source: Anime News Netwrok

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6 thoughts on “Harukaze by Scandal – new Bleach OP

      1. Hahahahaaaaaaaaa… A new arc from Bleach – few years of suffering. Irony from Shinigami-sama – Priceless.

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