After the show started on July 8, 2011, a lot of things and changes happened to it and its characters… not all of them were good and most of them were a bit too tricky and risky. Did things go well or not? There is no one better to decide if something was right or wrong than a God, moreover, a Shinigami like me who decides over people’s fates quite often. For the full review of the No. 6 show that aired from July 8 to Septermber 6, 2011 look below.

In a simulated perfect world where everything is under strict surveillance, even what people do at home and the existence of a person depends on the database of the government, Nezumi, a young boy with frail looks, escapes his correctional facility. Wounded and tired, at the end of his powers, he finds himself saved by a funny boy going by the name Shion – a perfect citizen, living in a perfect home with his perfect mother. But this perfect action of saving Nezumi’s life will end the idyllic happiness of Shion. Soon, they will both find themselves against not only the law but also against a mysterious killing insect that endangers the lives of everyone inside the wall of the place known as No.6.

The story is definitely an interesting one with a lot of possible twists and a bunch of genre-bending available in case the creators decide something isn’t attracting too many viewers or isn’t pleasing. There can be mecha, sci-fi, fantasy, romance (especially with the background story between Shion and his former schoolmate named Safu), wars between what is inside and outside the wall of No.6, even horror since no one knows what exactly the killing insects can bring forward. Sadly for me, the anime took on a whole other genre – shounen-ai.

Okay, to be honest, I don’t see anything wrong with guyxguy and girlxgirl in real life (as long as everything is done on an intimate level and not intruding on other people’s interests) nor in fiction, but this was not what I was awaiting from this anime. To me, the amount of fan service in some episodes just made me ponder a lot if I should continue with this series. I as awaiting a shounen/sci-fi anime and then I get a couple of bishounen kissing and one of them crossdressing. Okay, I know this line is there everywhere in the story, but it’s not worth it for 11 episodes to lose time from the story to have Nezumi and Shion kiss and cuddle. The real action happened in not more than the last 2 episodes and, although I am aware that I cannot expect too much of an 11-episode anime, that was quite disturbing.

The second problem with No. 6 is its pace and length. First of all, it was crated based on a novel and a manga series that is still being released even now, so why did they put up these episodes at all? Why didn’t they wait for some more action in the manga and do a longer adaptation, so that viewers can enjoy more action filled episodes? 11 episodes are not enough to unravel what lies beneath the veil of a superficially created utopia, the story of a special human species that has lived at the same place before the government came and destroyed their lands, the special abilities of the ‘tribe’, the life and romance between a highly intelligent boy and his overly intelligent schoolmate, the history of a mother that has taken part in the creation of the same utopia and all the secrets that lie even deeper in history. So, why did they start up an 11-episode series when both manga and novel have over 8.5 score in MyAnimeList? It is obviously liked, and yet, we get these mere 11 pieces that need to be edited and completed within a day (figuratively speaking).

But let’s admit it, it was not all wrong. I had plenty of fun in a lot of episodes. There were some incredible ideas of the killer bees and the Queen Bee, of how Nature *can* and *will* avenge for what humans do to it, for the forest folk (that was one story line I would loved to ho see exposed even deeper), the machines, the correctional facility (about which we know almost nothing except what was shown after Shion and Nezumi entered in the last few episodes), the utopic world that seems to be possible to make if you have the funds and passion for it, as well as a few extremely intelligent scientists.

One of my favourite parts is when Safu asked Shion for his sperm. Such a scientific way to put things.

I also adored the character of the Dogkeeper. We could’ve seen so much more about everything – the dogs, the family and the life of Dogkeeper before coming on the outer side of the Wall. It could’ve made an entirely new series just about this character.

That should be all I can currently about the series. Sadly, instead of a climax and a lot of interesting facts about Nezumi’s past and the creation of No. 6, we got a lame excuse of the final 2 episodes. Good job, although, I might say that they are of my favourites, yet, there was hardly anything worthwhile in the other ones (with the exception of the already mentioned fun scenes and facts). All in all, the verdict is that I was disappointed from No. 6. If they decide to make a second season, I would probably skip it, unless I am up for a shounen-ai anime.

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11 thoughts on “NO. 6 Review

  1. i just watched it and I agree for the most part(I say for the most part because I liked watching “Nezumi and Shion kiss and cuddle” more than I want to admit). It’s just that it seems rushed.

    I mean, in actuality Shion did nothing about the bees even though he goes on and on about making a serum and saving people during the series, Nezumi never got a chance to show how really badass he could be, there was not much action or at least not as much as there could have been and in the end Shion was actually unnesseccary. I mean Nezumi could have just gone plant the bomb, leave Safu die and then go back to eat whatever Shion had cooked and the outcome would still be the same.
    Also at some point Shion attacked Nezumi and Nezumi wasn’t able to stop him and he started thinking that maybe there is more to Shion after all. I liked that a lot because it sort of makes you hope that there is some secret past or some strange power behind the Shion we had known until that point but it ended up being absolutely nothing.

    Also I think that showing Nezumi dressed as a girl was just…wrong and disturbing. I was flinching the entire time. (don’t get me wrong I like seeing him with shion but ffs! don’t put red lipstick on the “mysterious,badass,I-could-kill-you-with-one-blow” guy of the story!)

    1. Oh, my… That is so true – I flinched all the time this was happening too! I like having a bishounen in my shounen, but turning the apathetic, rude and loner bishounen turned into a transvestite is a whole other story. And the lack of information about the specific powers.. You are very correct, Walker-chan!

  2. Honestly? I love the bishie love in the series. :P

    Even so, I would like to say that I rarely read a text that is so long, especially in internet, but it was really fun!

  3. I believe that pretty much sums up all I have in mind for those series. The anime never actually found itself, during the series, but the basic idea was so good, it still stayed appealing.

    Too bad for Nezumi, who could’ve become a hero instead of a sugar-coated male substitute for a lost Safu. :)

  4. One of my favourite parts is when Safu asked Shion for his sperm. Such a scientific way to put things

    LMAO! How substantial of you, Shinigami-sama. Great review, though! :)

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