Tiger & Bunny New Project – November 13

Tiger & Bunny, an anime by Keiichi Satou (Karas) and Musakazu Katsura (DNA^2), had its last episode of the season broadcasted just this week. The good news is that right after this same final episode, there was a special announcement that a “New Project” should be expected on Novermber 13. Additionally, the official page of the anime on Twitter, the world’s most popular sharing webpage famous with its short message system, told to its followers that there will be a meeting of a sort, a special event, that will happen on November 13 will confirm the news. In Kanagawa Hall, on November 13, there will be even more news about that New Project. Naturally, bloggers and forumers speculate that it would be either a second season that will follow where the first left the story or a spin-off series. However, I think that such an event with such an announcement hides a lot more behind itself than just a new season. Just remember that Steins; Gate also made an announcement at the end of the final episode of seasaon 1, which was about the new movie that will be revolved around the characters.

Source: Anime News

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