Shueisha Takes up a New Project

Shueisha’s Business Jump manga magazine has announced that the publisher will take on a new project. For those of you who are not familiar with Shueisha – it is a publisher of a great variety of genre and audience specific manga editions. The new project will be a seinen manga magazine entitled Grand Jump and it will be available on the market in Japan from November. It will be published twice a month (every two weeks) and will occupy itself with topics for ‘liberated adults’. What is this supposed to mean? We’ll leave it to you to decide after you’ve taken your own first copy of Grand Jump.

Additional information on the project will be available in Business Jump’s last double edition that will come out October 5, 2011. Another seinen magazine published by Shueisha, Super Jump will also be cancelled this year. Let’s hope that Grand Jump can satisfy the readers of both magazines!

Ore no Sora: Keiji-Hen by Hiroshi Motomiya
Amai Seikatsu (under a new title) by Hikaru Yuzuki
Uramiya Honpo Reboot by Showshow Kurihara
Guy ~Ishoku Byōtō 24-ji~ by Tomoaki Katō, Jiro Ando
Boku no Karada wa Two Outs by Yoshitani
Mankitsu by Haruki
Sekai ni Dai-jiman Shitai Nihon no Kaisha by Kōji Sakamoto, Kōji Koseki, Takayuki Hirasawa
Yesterday o Utatte (Sing “Yesterday” for Me) by Kei Toume
Dash Master by Naotsugu Matsueda

Will be continued from Business Jump.

Bartender by Kenji Nagatomo
Gendai Toshi Yōkikō Reibaishi Izuna ~the spiritual medium~ by Sho Makura, Takeshi Okano
Gokujo—. by Maya Miyazaki

Will be continued from Super Jump.

Naturally, there will also be new projects.

Source: Anime News Network

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