DmC Devil May Cry Tokyo Game Show Speical Video

Yesterday the producer of DmC Devil May Cry, the game, uploaded a bunch of special video digests from the Tokio Game Show that happened just half a day ago. Europeans might find this funny, but the show happened on September18 and yes, I am posting it on September 18 too! Underneath the ‘read more’  tag you can see the entire 24 minutes video of the  presenting of the team that has worked on the game, several sneak peaks at the upcoming game and news about the project. Unfotunately, Shinigami-sama has a lot of material to look through and the news from the video will be updated (if there’s any of it). Thank you for reading, all!

In short, there are very new aspects of the game with less gothic looks and more modern touch. As Shinigami List has already told you, the new installment of the game is a project of Ninja Theory supervised by Capcom and not entirely developed by the Japanese company.It seems like one of the most time-taking tasks was the character design of the main character Dante, who in this game will be a younger version of the already very famous and popular akuma-killer.

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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