Easy Going Scans’ Claudia Answers Shinigami’s Questions

I am more than extremely glad to tell you that I have managed to get in contact with Easy Going Scan ’s very own founder and have a little chat with her about their projects, the beginning of EG Scans and how the team likes to have fun. Also, you will read how these people manage to help the industry even if they do voluntary work. So, it was possible after all, wasn’t it? Mind you, it isn’t easy to take an interview from Easy Going Scans, all they do it work, work, work and all their free time goes in the IRC and the forums!

*drumroll* Here is the interview I have taken from Claudia  and her absolutely unedited answers. I have to say that I was very pleased with the fact that she paid poor Shinigami attention (no, it doesn’t have anything to do with me threatening her with my death scythe!!!) And, apart from all the silliness I spread across the intro, she and everyone in Easy Going Scans are a very nice group of people. It is no wonder their works have so many viewers – when they say they do control the quality they mean it. And yet, after all this work and many projects (just see on their front page – they have taken even more projects since my last article!) Some of their most popular translations include Noblesse, Magician, Transfer Student Storm Bringer and Rainbow.

  • The first section of questions has  little more seriousness

1.How did you come up with the inititial idea of Easy Going Scans and who was it that founded the group? Did you believe you’d come as far?


After roaming the scanlation scene for quite a while, I simply couldn’t find a team with the characteristics Easy Going Scans has as of now. After a while, I decided to create my own team and apply all these little things that matter so much and that other groups were lacking. As for the name…it’s no accident. ^^ I’m an easy going person and I thought that name would portray the laid-back and casual atmosphere EGS has now.

To be frank, I wanted to have a small group with maybe 10-20 members in the beginning, but… there’s so many nice project out there and the idea of them not being scanlated at all or being done with low quality, rendering them impossible to read, is really frustrating. We ended up as large as we are, due to the constant stream of new projects.
2. I really liked the quote on your recruitment page “Note that Easy Going scans is a NON profitable group so all the staff is doing volunteer work. We do it by the fans for the fans!” … By the fans for the fans. that is how this community should be, yet, how do you manage to keep up the site and forums? It sure needs a lot of server space to upload all the materials!

At first, I paid all costs from my own pocket but decided to take donations after a while to allow people to contribute, since the bills were getting out of hand and sucking my wallet dry. Now, some months we get enough donations, sometimes we don’t. But we get by ^^


3. You tend to find new projects all the time (just yesterday you’ve taken on Ichi), how do you find them?

 The majority of our projects have been suggested by either staff members or forum users. I only contributed a few of them, if I may say so…  :)
4. You have a lot of ongoing projects, many are digital, how do you support the original authors?

Our group has developed a cutting edge way to support the digital artists. They are being paid by how many clicks their webtoons have. Whoever clicks a download link or reads one of our projects online, will see two links opened, one directing the reader towards the author’s site and the other to our scanlation. One of our longest standing admins, Ivries, had that idea and as soon I heard about it, I implemented it right away, (well not me Gapan actually implanted it because I am no good with coding), so we can give real support to the authors of our digital projects, not just in thought.

For the normal publication authors all we can do is write on our every chapter release, for people to buy the original manga and support the author. And many do, you know; because they like to keep them for their collection even though they cannot read Japanese or Chinese.

5.       A lot of your projects are being translated in other languages, do you plan on making branches of EGscans or some sort of a community with the groups that retranslate your works?

We have no intentions of branching off into other languages. EGS will stay English only.

  • The second portion of questions were a bit more fun and not as official as the first one. :)

1. What is your group’s favourite part of working on a certain project?

The favorite part of all our team members is the release actually :)  They get really excited reading to comments the readers leave for us :)
2. How do the team members relax after a hard day ‘at work’?

We talk, tease each other and having fun as a team on IRC ^^

We also play games there, Hangman, UNO, rock paper scissors (a modified version) and a few more. :)
3. What is the best about having such a massive community that trusts you?

The best thing is that we have people suggesting projects to pick up :) .

You don’t suggest a project to a group you don’t trust, right?
4. If Bandai, FUNimation or Kodansha offers a job position to one of your members would the team support them to go?

This has actually happened :) . I won’t name the company but we’ve been contacted and I passed on the request to a staff member who I believed was qualified for it.
5. How did you choose EgScans’s mascot?

Our mascot, hehe. Don’t you think a Frog portraits quite well the laid back and relaxed atmosphere our group has?

 by ProsperPI

6. Why is everyone in your team lazy to post in the Staff section but not lazy to answer in the forums and chat? :P

That’s simple :) They are shy when it comes to commenting about themselves, but they are not shy to comment or socialize with other people ^^

. Do you ever contact personally the authors of the webtoons or other manga to tell them about the reactions on their works and give them your support?

No, actually I never have. However, some of them have contacted us in the past, expressing their support via email and some wrote public comments praising us for our releases. Having a supportive artist/author is always a pleasure! And whatever we do, we always try to support them every way we can to enable them to keep making those projects we love reading!

And last but not least: What would you say to Shinigami-sama and the readers of the Shinigami List?

About Shinigami:

I actually dislike giving interviews, I’m a low profile person and I don’t enjoy talking about myself or something I created.

Shinigami-sama: Yes, but you have to do it since it turned out to be so big!

I decided to give this interview, since you have demonstrated that you’re an intelligent person with a passion and respect for anime and manga who might actually get somewhere with a little effort and hard work. I wish you good luck and keep up those nice manga/anime reviews! :)

Don’t forget I also have one very sharp death scythe and if you don’t spill a lot of praises on me, I might just use it!

And what can Shinigami-sama tell them? Keep up the awesome work and the attention you pay to your readers. You will definitely have even greater success with time for hard work is never underestimated. Also, you can also support them by donating a few bucks to Easy Going Scans. Just go to their official page  and click on the donations buttons found at your right.

Thank you, Claudia for the interview and also, thank you Claudia and EGScans for the hard work you’re doing. Also, let’s all wish her a happy birthday for it’s her birthday today!!!!

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  1. Be careful with the Death Scythe, Shinigami-sama! :) They may demote you like Grell Sutcliff. :P Great interview and congratulations for Claudia for her work!

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