Persona 4 and Kizumonogatari New Trailers Streamed

Just a few hours ago a fifth promotional video of the upcoming anime series Persona 4 based on the popular game bearing the same name was released on the official website of the animation’s teaser site supported by Mayonaka TV. More information an be found in a preview post by Shinigami-sama.

Another trailer that just streamed is Kizumonogatari’s. The animated movie will be an adaptation of  NisiOsin’s novel by the same name. The same author is known for Bakemonogatari, also animated by the same studio – SHAFT. It will be the same with the upcoming anime called Nisemonogatari (though, that is the only detail we know for now).

(trailer links below)

Persona 4 The Animation Promo Video No. 5                                      Kizumonogatari Trailer

EDIT: Two videos embedded

Source: Anime News Network , Mayonaka TV , Kizumonotatari Official

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3 thoughts on “Persona 4 and Kizumonogatari New Trailers Streamed

  1. I can’t ignore the fact that Kizumonogatari already has a score of 10 in MyAnimeList…by ONE user, before it’s actually aired. Isn’t that X Factor?

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