Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact PSP Game Trailer

I think there is no one who reads my publications that hasn’t heard of Naruto Uzumaki and his story. This is why I won’t post anything to spam your mind with the already almost too popular story of the typical shounen main character. Instead, I will tell you about the upcoming new installment of the franchise’s game series. It is called naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja impact and is coming from the very famous for their quality in anime-related works Namco Bandai Games. The European branch of the company has just released a brand new, shiny and pretty eventful trailer for the game.  (trailer below)

What is special about this game is that instead of putting up new stories and arcs that don’t really add on to the main line of the manga and TV series, it completely covers the anime Naruto Shippuuden from the first to the most current episode at the time of the game’s completion (Kazekage rescue arc to Five Kage Summit Arc). Possible boss fights and an innovative rush battle system with the possibility to fight 1 vs. 100.  There are over 50 playable characters and a possibility for two players to simultaneously do missions. Also, there will be an option to choose from both Japanese and English dubbings of the characters and narrations.

The Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact will be released for PlayStation Portable on October 18 (North America), October 20 (Japan) and October 21 (Europe) for about €21. It is the sixth Naruto game for PSP that is being released. In Japan it is also known as Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Impakuto (Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Impact).

Source: Anime News Network

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