Hunter X Hunter Theme Songs Announced

Yoshihiro Togashi’s all-time legendary anime TV series Hunter X Hunter is expected to come out with a new installment this October 2. Although, I think everyone knows that by now, there is something that came out just now. The opening theme song of the upcoming animated TV series will be called “Departure” and will be performed by Galneryus (Mnemosyne OP and ED, Rainbow ED).

Galneryus is a Japanese power/neo-classical metal band from Osaka. Since its founding in 2001, it has suffered a lot of member changes and transfers, as well as genre insecurity. Today, though, they are famous for their hard sound and heavy beats as well as the special voice qualities of the vocalist – Masatoshi Ono.

Here is one of the band’s songs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find their official channel, so I am showing you an unofficial video. If you know their official channel on Youtube (or another video sharing network) fel free to comment with a link, I would love to edit it in!

The ending song will be “Just Awake” by Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.(this video comes from thyoutube account used  their webside, so it should be official :) )

It seems like this soundtrack will be one of the heaviest, eh?

Source:  Comic Natalie

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