Area no Kishi Manga to be Animated


Area no Kishi manga (translated as the Knight of the Area) revolves around the story of Kakeru Aizawa who has a hard time being the younger brother of the local school’s football team captain. The difference in their abilities is so great that while the bigger brothe has been named in the under-15 nation team of Japan, Kakeru is nicknamed “Mr. No Goal” by his schoolmates and is proving to be the laughing stock of the area. This role, though, is going to change for him since it is needed after a change in the atmosphere involving a girl happens.

The manga by Hiroaki Igano (alias of Shin Kibayashi creator of Getbackers, Bloody Monday) and Kaya Tsukiyama has been released in Weekly Shounen magazine in 2006 and has reached volume 27 this month. It is one of the favourites for not only the sport fans, but also the slice of life ones since, unlike most sport-themed works, it is a very serious representative of this genre too.

The announcement of the upcoming animated TV series of Area no Kishi was made in Kodansha’s magazine issue #241.

Source: Manga News

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3 thoughts on “Area no Kishi Manga to be Animated

  1. Is this Kaya Tsukiyama’s first big project? WOW…wish him luck… This should be something like Prince of Football… :P

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