UN-GO’s Theme Songs Announced

After having told you about the UN-GO anime that is coming out this Fall, I am also happy to tell you that both the opening and ending of the series are announced. The animated show will air October 13, 2011 and is expected to win the hearts of both the bishounen and the thriller/investigative fans. Moreover, the series are an adaptation of a really successful PI stories by Ango Sakaguchi.

The opening song of the show will be performed by School Food Punishment. It is called “How to Go”. The group is known across the anime world with their work on Higashi no Eden (ending song). The ending piece, on the other hand, will be performed by Lama and is entitled “Fantasy”. Their most popular tune around otaku-lairs is No.6’s “Spell” .


Sources: UN-GO Official , Anime News Network


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7 thoughts on “UN-GO’s Theme Songs Announced

  1. For anyone else that haven’t heard of them:
    School Food Punishment – You May Crawl

    Not that you couldn’t check Youtube yourselves, of course…which you probably did…

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