New Fairy Tail Manga by Hiro Mashima to Come with a Bonus

The new volume of the manga Fairy Tail, the thirty-first to be precise, which will come out next February, will include a bonus! The present will be in the form of a special original anime DVD. This will give the chance to the real fans of the franchise to experience the feeling of being the first to see an entirely new story by the original creator Hiro Mashima.

Fairy Tail the manga and anime TV series, tell the story of a very famous and powerful guild of magical people called Fairy Tail. We follow the story of Lucy Heartfilia who desperately wants to become a part of the mage’s guild, but is very far from reaching her goal and Natsu Dragneel – a mage in the Guild who might actually prove to be of help to her. We also meet with the other members of Fairy Tail as well as with their enemies.

Source: Anime News Network Fairy Tail Official Anime Website

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