Top 5 Strongest White Haired Male Anime Characters

Okay, I know this may sound a bit strange to you, but as a fact I have managed to understand that white hair is lately equivalent to a sick character that will probably die sometime soon and needs to cough a lot, probably even lose consciousness from time to time. The days of Inuyasha are gone now. In this top 5 I give you my own examples of strongest white-hair male anime characters. I will try to show myself that, even if they’re the sickling type, they can still be powerful!

First, I shall tell you that this top 5 is not a chart and the order in which I will tell you my examples of strong white-haired characters is absolutely random. But afraid be not, I am going to tell you which one is my personal favourite out of the five I have chosen.

Barragan Louisenbairn, Bleach

Also known as Espada No. 2 (segunda), he is one of the most frightening enemies anime can see. He is the ruler of Time, yes, time – that untouchable part of life that usually no one dares to meddle with. Well, Tite Kubo did it. And he did it greatly. In Bleach, the Arrancar arc, he is fighting not just a Bleach shinigami, but Soi Fon herself, together with Division II’s lieutenant on top of it. If it weren’t for god modding, this captain would’ve been long-gone since her arm got caught in the decay of Barragan’s aging and the leader had to get rid of it; even being the fastest and most flexible she couldn’t manage.

With the ability to rule over aging and decay and the position of Hueco Mundo’s King, Barragan Louisenbairn is one of the strongest white-haired anime characters.

Allen Walker, D. Gray Man

Here we have a true star. Being the main character in the D. Gray Man franchise, the cute and challenging personality of Allen Walker made him a true star in the shounen field. In the beginning, he was just the typical shounen lead character who had to fight his way up the scale of an organization, trying to remain calm about the foreign dark force that lies within him. Then, though, he changed and from the typical boy with no responsibilities except to be great and save the day, he became something much more connected with reality – he was not that great, he couldn’t save his teacher, he couldn’t save his friends, but yet, lived on for what is still there. Except for the akuma eye Allen has due to his direct confrontation with them, he is also innocence compatible. On top of this it seems like he has a Noah’s blood and not just any Noah, but the one who has a bad reputation even with the other Noahs. What we’re all waiting for now is to see him actually managing to take control of everything and use it to keep himself sane, for he doesn’t care about saving the day that much.

With his akuma eye and his innocence, together with the blood of the 14th, Allen Walker is definitely a white-haired male anime would be proud of.

Xerxes Break, Pandora Hearts

In the story of Pandora Hearts we have humans who go to the Abyss and receive the ability to command a ‘Chain’ – a specific animal or item that can serve them for as long as their body can hold on. There are several special chains and for some reason, Break Xerxes has one of them. The Mad Hatter is nothing like the rest; it can kill off almost instantly other chains and defeat people. Although, we know nothing too detailed about Break-sama’s Hatter, we do know that he took it from the Will of the Abyss herself and that it took him one eye and a lot of suffering to gain the contract. Another strong part of him id that he had always been a protector – a knight that worked for a noble family and a fighter that stood up and made a change in the world. Even if he is sick due to the fact that his chain is too strong or his human body, Break Xerxes with his oddly curious character and passion for sweets, is deserving the title of a strong white-haired male anime character.

Toshirou Hitsugaya, Bleach

Okay, I know that is lame putting up a second character from the same anime, but I had him in mind since the beginning and Barragan came up out of nowhere. Toshirou is a friend of mine, although not very close, and is a shinigami. Being as young as he is, he definitely can make the opponent underestimate him, but that will be a huge mistake, especially considering the fact that he is one fo the strongest shinigami in Bleach. Also, it is proven that he still has to learn and make his bankai even stronger. Yet, even without the full strength of his weapon, he is still there as a captain of a division. Just imagine what he will become when he masters Hyorinmaru.

With his ability to control water and ice, having one of the strongest weapons in that dimension, Toshirou Hitsugaya is the fourth one in my list of strongest white-haired anime men.

Jiraya, Naruto

Last but not least I am going to spend some time explaining why I think a dead Naruto character should be considered one of the strongest in this league. First, there is the fact that he is one of the legendary Sannin or the Three Great Ninja of Konoha (together with Tsunade and Orochimaru). A title given to them by the ruler of another village after they managed to stay alive and suffer through a heavy battle. Then, there is that Jiraya is the only person who really managed to teach Naruto Uzumaki something about fights, life and everything else. He is a true mentor to him and for that he needs to be strong. He is also a sage and that, as far as the Naruto community knows, is a title that cannot be easily achieved. The last thing I will name as a strong side of his personality is that he was the initial, original choice for the fifth Hokage and yet, even better – he managed to think of a thing good and smart enough to take that responsibility off his shoulders, even before it was there.

With his sage abilities, the title of a Sannin and the given pride to be a Hokage, Jiraya is the man I chose to put up as the fifth in my list of strongest white-haired anime male characters.

Now, everybody, as I have promised, I will tell you which one is my personal favourite. Well, it is not that easy. If it were, I would’ve made a chart. The first I will point out is Break Xerxes, I love crazy characters and a I love a man who knows how to cherish sweets. Also, the fact that almost nobody manages to understand he has problems with his Chain, he is cute and responsible and he is one of these characters that I believe to be a possible role model for real life. He can take up on everything and he can trust his own instincts and abilities to finish what he has started and finish it well. The second one I will pick is Barragan Louisenbairn for the fact that he can control time. I have always wondered about certain things and time control in anime is one of them. Sadly, though, he did manage to lose due to this same restrictions the world has set over characters that rule over this side of life. After all, if he would do it as good as I wish, he would’ve been invincible and no enemy of a shounen anime’s hero can be invincible.

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    1. I haven’t seen Toaru Majutsu no Index, sorry. :(As I said, on this site I will not talk about things I haven’t personally seen, except for the news articles. After all, it’s better to have a meaningful chart with true opinion from the author, than some copy-pasted descriptions about the best of the best, isn’t that so? I will watch it, though. Seems really interesting!

    1. I have watched Inuyasha a long time ago and I am not certain I can be objective about this show. Also, Zero is… well, I don’t consider him as strong as those few with all their superhuman abilities. He’s quite weak, if I have to be honest… Always weeping and being weak for his fight with the monster within.

    1. Lulubel, dear.. Unfortunately, I have never mentioned young or handsome… Might do one for the fans, though… young and pretty boys from anime. Then I’ll have to do with with girls too…

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