Noblesse – Third Season (Review, New Season Preview)

There is hardly any fan of vampires, werewolves, bishounens or school manga that doesn’t know about Noblesse. Even though it is still just a webtoon, this series has managed to make a big BANG in the world and achieve greatness. You would be surprised how many people actually follow the chapters every week. Although it is not a traditional Japanese manga, but a Korean manhwa (and we do know Koreans are more powerful in dramas, but their comic-work is sometimes very questionable), Noblesse has managed to prove itself not only with the fans, but recently also in the market with their new project entitled Noblesse S – a separate story that is available only in Korean and for mobile devices.

Noblesse (노블레스) is an online Korean manhwa about a person named Cadis Etrama di Raizel who is not only an heir to an ancient vampire tradition, he is ancient himself. Being one of the strongest in the strongest and oldest types of vampires, his life is filled with responsibilities and work. One day, though, 820 years ago, he falls asleep and until he wakes up, not only is Korea a totally different country, not only is the world a whole other place, but also the ones he cared for and worked with, the ones he found valuable either gone or otherwise changed. There is, though, one person who has always looked for and sought to find his master’s sleeping body and care for him, even if he was asleep, this is Frankenstein – a mad scientist, a crazy principal of an elite academy called Ye Ran and a true ramen maestro.

Together with Frankenstein’s help and his everlasting care for humans, Rai (as it is easier than his name to both me and his human friends) manages to return to his strong and disciplined self. But will he manage to defeat what lies hidden? Will he manage to prove to the other noble vampire clans that what happened 600 years ago is not what it seems? Will he also accomplish to return an order that has once been a rule? There is no doubt about one thing, though, Rai will definitely prove himself as a true Noblesse since there is no one else that still trusts and believes in the human race.

The creators of this mahwa are Son Jae Ho and Lee Gwang Su. They started the project in 2007 and up until now have managed to accomplish a reaction many shounen manga cannot manage throughout their entire lifespan.

Since Monday (European time) the fourth season of the series has begun. Following the tradition, we meet with the school students and enjoy a calm and leisure walk around the human world, but soon, according to the same tradition, there will be blood and it will definitely be wielded with amazing abilities and flexibility by the only one who can control this life force – the Noblesse.

Let’s not forget that since the great success of the series, there has been another project going on by the same creators. It is called Noblesse S and will available to be rented for a month for about 17 euro cents through Android systems and from the Naver Books store. It too is in Korean.

Just so you all know – there are available translations of the manhwa provided by Easy Going Scans.  If you read them from a third party, though (such as mangafox, manga reader and so on)  you will not help the original creators. This is because for every visit of the official page the authors earn a bit and due to the special automatic referrals on EasyGoing scans’ official website you do actually visit the author’s page too.  It is really good and considering there is not an official English version, you can use it. However, please, do care to buy original manga, manhwa, books and animations in order to sponsor the arts we all love and care for (when they’re available)!

Source: Official Noblesse Author’s Page

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EDIT: updated some information by request

4 thoughts on “Noblesse – Third Season (Review, New Season Preview)

  1. Been a fan, since Chapter 1. I may only say that the artwork has improved so significantly since then, that I can barely compare. Noblesse is much better than a lot of manga out there. Hope they get money for this and will continue developing the story.

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