Gackt to Sing New Sket Dance’s OP Song


The internationally famous Japanese artist will put up one of his songs for the OST of the Sket Dance show. Seems like the producers are currently working a lot since in the last week they also had a collaboration with Gintama and now they’re taking one of Japan’s most famous artists for their opening theme song.

Gackt’s Graffiti song will be a part of the latest changes in Sket Dance on Novermber 30 when the CD of the single will be released on the market. Graffiti

Let’s not forget that this will not be the first participation of the charismatic Gackt in Sket Dance. The first instance was when he played the voice-role of a highschool visual kei band’s vocalist named Dante. After the announcement of the original creator that Dante (originally Kiyoshi Date) has been modeled after Gackt. In the same role, he also performed “Iki Toshi Subete ni Tsugu” in episode 17.

Other roles of Gackt include Kenshin Uesugi from the comedic parody of the Sengoku era Tono to Issho and Seiji from New Fist of the North Star.

Source: Anime News Network

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