Fate/EXTRA PSP Game Details

Aksys Games, the producer of the upcoming PSP game Fate/EXTRA has announced some details about the release including prices, dates and plot. There will be three possibilities to purchase the product when with every price escalation the items you get are better, naturally.

Fate/EXTRA is a game by Kinoko Nasu, the original creator of the popular franchise. The company behind the project has announced that inside the adventure will be some of our much loved characters from the series. Also, the designers have made possible several paths and ways to continue with the plot (which means that replaying will not be futile!). The plot is quite simple, to be honest, the main character appears out of nowhere in a world they do not know. Suddenly, they are engulfed by the wars and battles, by the conflicts that are already present in the place. The protagonist, though, has a way to fix it all – by finding and using a strange artefact known as the Holy Grail, which would grant them a wish. Through the way, the main character needs to fight with all their might enemies and friends as well.

The three possible purchases for the Fate/EXTRA fans will be a downloaded game (about €18.30), a regular boxed edition (for about €23) or the limited special edition box set (€30) that comes with a 15 pages of beautiful artwork in the Fate Visual Works.

Source: Anime News

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