TOKYOPOP North America to Release Hetalia No. 3 and 4?

Due to the everlasting interest in the TOKYOPOP-copyrighted manga whose existence and releases were in question due to the sudden shutting down of the North American TOKYOPOP branch, the publisher has attempted to mend what was broken and actually provide the fans with their favourite titles. The first one to be approached in such a manner is the Hetalia manga series.

On the official FaceBook page of TOKYOPOP it was released that the launching of an entirely new way to promote and deliver manga in North America will be attempted. It is a limited kind of delivery, but not that the numbers will be limited, but rather the ways. The nature of the selling s more like “retailing” but who cares if the lovely Hetalia volumes can actually get to their fans?!
Unfortunately, this way to make sells can prove to be inadequate since everything depends on the current rights owner and not TOKYOPOP. The Hetalia owner has agreed on such a retail business, but it is still uncertain if this will prove to be a successful projct and if the rights owners of other former TOKYOPOP titles (such as Peace Maker Kurogane e.g.) will have the same fate as Hetalia.
Also, according to the fans, there might be some issues with the project since some of them are not happy with the uncertainty of the actions of Stu Levy and his North American TOKYOPOP branch. According to them, it would be better to leave other companies and distributers license the entire series left in the market due to TOKYOPOP’s shutting down ad let it be.

Source: Official TOKYOPOP FB
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