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Hello, everyone!

I just wanted to share with you that I have uploaded one more photo to my Shinigami of the World album. Feel free to check my photo with Death and Death the Kid from Soul Eater. I bet you’ll love it including the story. I am very nostalgic since I haven’t seen those two for such a long time, but I have to live through this and finish my urgent duties before making any plans to go to Death city any time soon. Anyways, always a good thing to have such a great family for friends, though, I heard they had some pretty bad preblems in the last few weeks, at least Death the Kid did, according to his fanbase… Someting with Eibon’s artifacts (a book in fact) and him being abducted? Good thing his daddy knows his boy’s fine and can sort his issues out himself, otherwise, if he were like Maka’s daddy (Yes, Spirit-chan, I am talking about you) he would’ve gone crazy about this situation!



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