And the Film Rights for Golgo 13 Go to…

The production company responsible for the live-actions of Resident Evil, Crying Freeman and Silent Hill gets its hands on Goglo 13 – the assassin manga by Takao Saito (also author of Barom One and Survival manga).The previous rights owner was the Japanese LEED Publishing Co., Ltd. This story has already blossomed in two live-action movies ( 1973 and 1977 ), an animated movie and TV series (2008-2009)

Golgo 13 is a story about a classic , hardcore man who can kill anyone and anything, who will take on any job as a hitman, as long as they pay him enough. The man behind this alias is Duke Togo and he is a brutal assassin who can do in everyone – from a person’s non-stop smoking neighbour to the president of an enemy country. In his free time, the character prefers to send time with his favourite girls at the local bar or at some kind of a house.

The manga was first released in Japan in 1968 and is the holder of a record – longest running manga. Yes, it is still being published.


Source: Anime News Network

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