Toradora! Blu-ray with an Extra Unseen Episode!


The all exclusive Toradora! BD box is set to ship December 21 (would be a perfect Christmas present! Yey!) and a special reward for the truthful fans that will buy genuine Toradora! Blu-rays from Starchlid distributor was promised to be included!

Starchlid’s announcement admitted that the first 5 disks will include the 25 episodes of the Toradora! anime TV series. A booklet with the contents, special artwork and interviews about the making of and development of the anime will also be in the bundle. Let’s not forget that the special Starchild releases will also share with the fans the Toradora! S.O.S. Kuishinbō Banbansai and Toradora! Taikenki (cast series).

Source: Anime News Network

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6 thoughts on “Toradora! Blu-ray with an Extra Unseen Episode!

  1. Always good when they add something to the episodes, when releasing a DVD. It’s a way to fight piracy…in a way. Adding collector’s value.

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