Hideaki Ito’s return – Umizaru Coast Guard Manga to Get a Live-Action Adaptation

Hideaki Ito, the famous Japanse actor who participated in movies such as Onmyouji, The Princess Blade and Kamui Gaiden, will return to the big screen to play a role in the live-action adaptation of Umizaru Coast Guard manga series. This will be the fourth full motion adaptation of the Umizaru saga by Shuho Sato.

Umizaru Coast Guard manga ran in the Weekly Young Sunday magazine and has already given life to three movies and two television drama series. It is supposed that the director of the previous installments will also be the man in charge  in the fourth. yes, we are talking about Eiichirou Hasumi. The movie will start shooting on September 17, 2011 and will supposedly come out next year.

The official website will also start casting for extras, so, if you are planning to go to Japan (or live there) why don’t you try out? Shinigami would be happy to have a reader in the movie!


Source: Official Web Page and Anime News Network

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4 thoughts on “Hideaki Ito’s return – Umizaru Coast Guard Manga to Get a Live-Action Adaptation

  1. Hello, there! Someone cares about the manga?! When Sato started Bokuman, I went through some of his old stuff… Umizaru’s interesting, could be fun, but I doubt it’s gonna hold up a movie…

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