Chocolate Girl to End

Yes, after having to disappoint everyone, including myself, with the news that Sora no Manimani is ending, here came the news that Yuki Yoshihara’s Chocolate Gril will end too! The manga has been on the shelves since last year and it is already ending.

The Chocolate girl story which is a lovely romantic comedy about a girl named Kyouko and the subject of her emotions – Riku Tezuka, an actor who can only see the dark side of life.

VizMedia, on the other hand, is putting up the last volume in its translated version of another one of Yoshihara’s manga. Volume 8 of Butterfly, Flowers will be available to North America very soon.

The good news is that Tomu Ohmi will be starting on a new serialization named Majo no Biyaku (Witch’s Potion) in the Novermber issue of Pettit Comic. It will show us how a girl, who was left without a shoulder to cry on when her parents died when she was still a child, decides to restart her life by starting to sell herbs and spices in a small shop. One of the shop’s customers, though, a man named Kaname Hibiki, will change her life forever.

Source: Manga News

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  1. Actually, a friend of mine gave me the first volume of this manga. It was a gift, as he knew I love manga… The funny thing is that it’s Ecchi, Romance and Josei…things I never liked…. :D Just thought of it, when reading the news…

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