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The flow of previews for this Fall season’s new anime series continues! I have decided to share with you what we’ve got about the second Bakuman season that is premiering October 1, 2011. Will Moritaka and Akito continue on their way or will they fail at some point? What are the opinions of the fans who have seen the first season? Where do we start with the second one?

Bakuman is a shounen slice-of-life anime about the wish to accomplish something in life. It tells us the story of two 9th graders with quite the different understanding of life. Moritaka Mashiro is nothing too big at school, but a great artist. Another 9th grader is Akito Takagi – advanced student and a great aspiring author. The story lets us follow the two after they decide to aim as high as possible – becoming the greatest mangaka creators Japan, and respectively the world, has seen. Although their aims are not exactly the same (the artist is more interested in his love life than the professional possibilities), they strive and wish to prove themselves.

The original manga creators of Bakuman are Tsugumi Ohba (story) and Takeshi Obata (art) and the fact that they are two and not only one proves that behind the story, there might be something autobiographical… or maybe not? Anyway, the manga begins publishing in 2008 when the first chapter is released in the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine.  As of August, there have been 14 volumes in the market and more are coming in!

The first Bakuman anime series began broadcasting in October, 2010 and lasted for 25 episodes. It was also licensed by Media Blasters and will be released on DVD in November; the same group has also pre-licensed the second season of the anime.

So… what did the people think of the first season? Having in mind that there is also the fight of manga VS. anime, we have to say that the reviews are rather benevolent and positive. At the announcement for the second Bakuman season, forums all over the internet were flooded with posts such as “it was too slow”. This does not sound well, I know, but in reality the truth is that the slow pace is annoying for the manga fans for they are not certain all they like would find its place in the TV series. Otherwise, fans of the genre seem to be in love with the anime.

On the second season, we don’t have that much information,(looks like the producers expect the love for the 1st season to work for them and have not released even a trailer for season 2) but what we have is the pages of the official manga volumes, which I will not be discussing since it would definitely mean spoiling a bunch of episodes for you. All I can say is that one of the most interesting arcs in Bakuman is expected to be seen in this second season.



You can also visit the Official Bakuman Website  (Japanese)



So… what is your opinion on this anime? (Or Shinigami-sama ‘s preview?)

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  1. Beautiful art, but the plot never moved me… Maybe it’s too much romance for me to handle, but how can you miss on something the creator of Death Note did?! Good luck with the second season, I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ll watch!

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