Smuggler’s live-action Adaptation to Air at Austin’s Fantastic Fest

To all the fans of Shohei Manabe’s Smuggler manga – it’s live action adaptation (directed by Katsuhito Ishii) will have its first play at this month’s Fantastic Film Fest in Austin, TX. The film is 115 minutes long and will be shown as a part of the official program of the festival.

The Smuggler story is one of crime and tells the story of the smuggler as a phenomenon. He or she is a person who cleans up the mess after any occurrence of a mob assassination. Their job is not for fun nor is it for pride – it is to repay a person’s debts to the gangsters. We also get to understand what happens when a smuggler doesn’t succeed in what they have been sent for… the price of failure can be terrible, incredibly high.

Source: Twitch

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1 thought on “Smuggler’s live-action Adaptation to Air at Austin’s Fantastic Fest

  1. That’s “the cleaner”‘s Japanese version… Read the manga, it’s quite intense. Hope they can make it on screen.

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