Shinigami-sama Entered Death Note


A new page has been added to my photo album. My friends with the Death Notes are now present in the album.  Again, I have to tell you all that I am sort of jealous that everyone else has been in the show-biz and I haven’t, but… Internet is the new Hollywood, so I should be more thankful, shouldn’t I?

I hope that at some point the Seiretei shinigami and the Shinigami Realm ones will be so nice and send me some photos of them with me and not only theirs…


Oh, btw, Ryuk was so silly that he sent me a signed photo… I had to return the autographed item, since it was the thirteenth he sent me. >.>


Sincerely yours,

7 thoughts on “Shinigami-sama Entered Death Note

      1. Aha… I get it. Nice of you to answer, too. :) G’luck with the site and all. I will be checking it out.

  1. Oh, Shinigami-sama, you will conquer the Internet and that’s all that matters… You did a great job with the Shinigami selectiopns, btw. :)

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