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Persona the game has been around for ages now, having in mind that the RPG product’s fifth all-round installment (although some of them are Japan-only) going by the name Persona 4, was released in 2008 across the world. This last version, on top of everything, is getting an animated adaptation this Fall season. It is the current favourite of the crowd and the most anticipated anime series of the upcoming season.



Person 4, otherwise named PA4, is basically the story of a group of high school students who discover that they can enter a different dimension through a TV screen. They have to fight demons. In order to defeat the enemy, these youngsters have to make a good use of their special ability to summon weapons and other kinds of realizations out of their own psyches. The summons are called Persona.


The Persona 4 The Animation will be produced by the Japanese company Aniplex and will be directed by Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats! and Ragnarok The Animation). The series are said to start airing October 7, 2011. It has also been said that the voice actors of the original game series will keep their roles. The official website has also posted the names of the seiyu and their character:


鳴上 悠:浪川大輔 ( Yuu Narukami : Daisuke Namikawa)
花村陽介:森久保祥太郎 (Yosuke Hanamura : Showtaro Morikuba)
里中千枝:堀江由衣 (Chie Satonaka : Yui Horie)
天城雪子:小清水亜美 (Yukiko Amagi : Ami Koshimizu)
巽 完二:関 智一 (Kanji Tatsumi : Tomokazu Seki)
久慈川りせ:釘宮理恵 (Rise Kujikawa : Rie kugumya)
クマ:山口勝平 (Kuma : Kappei Yamaguchi)
堂島遼太郎:石塚運昇 (Ryotaro Dojima : Unshou Ishizuka)
堂島菜々子:神田朱未 (Nanako Dojima : Akemi Kanda)
足立 透:真殿光昭 (Tohru Adachi : Mitsuaki Madono)



We also have the titles and performers of the opening and ending songs of the series: OP – Sky’s the Limit by Shouho Hirata, EN – Beauty of Destiny by Shouho Hirata feat. Lotus Juice.


The producers of the TV anime Persona 4 will also hold a meeting and preview for the series in front of 1000 special guests at a secret screening of Episode 1. The possibility to be one of these thousand special invitees to the screening is provided to everyone if they fill out an application from on the official site of the series by September 12, 2011. The event will be realized on September 26, 2011.


In the games, Persona 4 is based in a fictional countryside where the main character is falsely accused of being involved with the current murder spree in the area. It is very different than the previous Persona PRGs since they were almost entirely based in the city. There are a lot of other changes and a lot of improvements. The fans of the game series are pretty happy with PA4 unlike its predecessor, which made the gamers climb a tower without any visible reason but to fight another monster at the top.




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    1. Well, since you’re so nice, I will leak out the top secret, utterly confidential information that I am planning on putting up previews for more of the upcoming season’s anime too. I will try to find something for everyone’s tastes. UN-GO is one too and it historical. I have already put up 2 posts about it. :)

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