Mami Kashiwabara’s Sora no Manimani to End

Again, we have to announce that ther is yet anoher manga that will end these days. This time it is Mami Kashiwabara’s Sora no Manimani. Its last book volume will be published on Septermber 23, 2011. The 10-volume school romantic comedy manga was one of the many projects taken on by Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine.

In the last volume, there will be 12 post cards and 11 coloured illustrations to accompany the edition, on top of these there will also be a 12th image that would be specially created for the publishing of the final volume.

In the story we meet with Saku Ouyagi who moves back to his hometown after graduating and entering High School. He is a quiet, calm and quite self-absorbed young man who loves to read books. When he returns, he encounters an old friend – she is ambitious and friendly and her name’s Mihoshi Akeno. She invites Saku to her astronomy club and their friendship blossoms as well as the new ones they make through the Sora no Manimani manga series.

Source: Anime News Network

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