Shinigami-sama Entered Bleach

Okay, everyone, I know you have all been wondering why is the site called “Shinigami List” when the centre of everything is anime as a whole. Here, in this post, you will understand the truth about this place and everything I am planning to do with it.

First of all, thank you for being the black sheep in the flock of sheep, or not a sheep at all. By being here you proved that you don’t always just stay in your comfort zone and prefer the new approaches. Also, you are not afraid to read what a real Shinigami has written for you.

Now, with that done, I would like to explain to you what is going to happen with this place from now on:

1. I am planning to make this *the* place for non-copied and fresh news.

2. I am going to update the Shinigami of the World page with all the Shinigami in anime and manga I can speak with (dead ones and unimportant ones don’t count, sorry *so not arrogant*)

3. The page entitled The List will also be updated as fast as I manage to do it.

4. The Best Quote section will also have a lovely quote every second day.

5. I am available to share other people’s art and sites as long as they’re not overly gore or sexual. I am a Shinigami, remember this – I will make good use of my Death Scythe if you try to put up something inappropriate. Even though my Scythe loves different anime, we do share a mutual interest in people who dare to disobey my rules… Teehee ^.^

The first thing that is done is that I have added in the Shinigami of the World page my fellow friends Seiretei’s Gotei 13. Enjoy the image and please, do share it by tagging my name along with it. :) Soon, there will be many more as my album of friends gets bigger and bigger.

Sincerely yours,

2 thoughts on “Shinigami-sama Entered Bleach

  1. Great idea, Shinigami-sama! I’ve already spammed your Shinigami of the World list, not knowing what’s up… Sorry *blushes*

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