Monthly Shounen Magazine + is Your New Source for Manga

The new monthly manga magazine will launch on October 20, 2011 and is released by Kodansha.

Kodansha will be launching the Monthly Shounen + magazine where there will be one-shots and continuous serializations by new artists as well as the ones already published in the Monthly Shounen and E-no (this one stopped being published in June, 2011).
What should we expect: Sakura Taisen: Manga-ban Dainibu by Ikku Masa and Red Eyes by Jun Shindo. There will also be the new series entitled Near Boys, which is a basketball parody with references to Dear Boys/Hoop Days) by the mangaka of Cromartie High School Eiji Nonaka. The new one-shot by Takeshi Maekawa Ironfist Chinmi Gaiden and Toka Adachi’s Noragami. Also included inthis issue will be Ryoutarou Iwanaga’s Pumpkin Scissors manga with Nobu Outsuki’s artwork. The Monthly Shounen + magazine will also print out the crossover (Motohiro Katou’s Q.E.D. and C.M.B.) manga.


Source: Anime News Network

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Shounen Magazine + is Your New Source for Manga

  1. Soooo happy there’s another manga magazine! Hoping that’s a sign the recession is out of the business, because I almost cried when Tokyopop was closed. Thumbs up for the good news!

    1. Yes, after the ceasing of E-no, I felt quite low-spirited, after all – whenever something closes down it just means that the industry is low :(

      Now, though, we see that it’s higher spirited…

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