Innosan Shounen Juuji-gun Manga to End

The Innosan Shounen Juuji-gan (Innocent Children’s Crusade) is all about legends and lore, about pride, loyalty and ambitions, about friendship and adventuring. We follow the story of Etienne, a young boy who, together with his Children’s Crusade, is called in to a journey to Jerusalem. He is a child of wonders and it s not surprising that he manages to put the Crusade into action, even if he has to make twelve others be truthful to each other and the cause. The action of  Innosan Shounen Juuji-gan takes place in 1212 in France.

The publishing started in 2008 and will officially end on Novermber 8, 2011.
Usamaru Furuya, the author of Innosan Shounen Juuji-gun, is a Toyko-born manga artist. He is a Tama art University graduate with oil painting and huge interests in the fields of sculptures and Butoh dancing. After attending a Manga Correspondece Course in his elementary days, he managed to keep his passion for the comic arts and by his high school days has discovered a darker, deeper style. Although not planning to become a professional manga artist, after the success of his projects, he turned to be a full-time one. Furuya was a special guest at the 2011 Tornto Comic Arts Festival.
It is certain that the fans of his style will be anxious to hear of his new project.
Source: Manga-news


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