Dantalian no Shoka Novel CANCELLED

Unfortunately for all Dantalian no Shoka fans out there, it seems like the anime and manga industry is failing to provide them with what they want. Or is it the fans fault for trusting scanlation groups and fansubs too much?



Kadokawa Shoten’s Sneaker Bunko released a statement saying that 9th novel of Dantalian no Shoka (Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian) has been cancelled because of “various circumstances”. Gakuto Mikumo’s ninth novel was going to be shipped in January, but it seems like something got in the way.
The Dantalian series also have an animated adaptation that aired from July 16, 2011 and is going to finish this October. The story is about a young man who inherits a mansion where, in the vast library, he finds a girl that can lend him a key to the forbidden scripts of the demons.
Shinigami all over the universe are hoping that this isn’t a sign for something as big as North America’s Tokyopop shutting down.



Source: Anime News Network

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