Sankarea Manga to get its own TV Series!

It has come to the shinigami ears of mine that the pretty popular Sankarea manga (ecchi, shounen, horror) will get its own animated adaptation. It was announced in the October issue of Kodansha’s Bassatsu Shounen magazine. It is created by Mitsuru Hattori and was first released in 2009.

The Sankarea manga is also explained in another way (unlike my genre-based one) and it is “zombie moe adolescent romantic comedy” (citing ANN’s translation). It might be a better explanation for the people who are not familiar with the manga the story of which revolves around Chiharu Furuya. He is a first year student at Shiyou Boys High School who is a real otaku when it comes to zombies, if such a thing can exist. But he doesn’t just enjoy the stories, no, he wants to create them. He even managed to accomplish a successful revival potion which he tried on his dead cat Babu… successfully. Through his attempts and zombie-interest, he is aided by a new acquaintance by the name of Rea Sanka.


Source: Anime News Network

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