Pikachu to Lift the Spirits in Tohoku

The Sendai City in Miyagi prefecture is one of the many that suffered this year, on March 11, from the strongest earthquake this world has seen. Even though half a year has passed since there, and without any surprises, the damages are still visible in the Tohoku region in Japan.

To lift the spirits will come none other but Pikachu and all the other Pokemons! On the official site of the franchise it was released that the seventh Pokemon centre will open exactly in Sendai city’s Aer skyscraper. The idea is to bring the children together and let them feel even a bit better after the disaster with all the might of the Pokemons, and let them forget at least a bit about what struck them last March.

The centre is part of the “POKEMON with YOU” disaster support initiative.The aims are to gather the children, to let them enjoy various events, to hand out Pokemon merchandise and raise fund for the one who are still trying to cope with the effects of the March 11 earthquake.

Source: Anime News Network

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