New Trailer for K-ON! Movie

The new trailer for K-ON!’s movie was recently streamed on the anime’s official web site. The video has been airing in the movie theatres in Japan for some time now. (you can see the trailer below)

The story depicts the lives of five female students at Sakuragaoka High School who are also a part of the light music club. Their seiyu cast will be the same as in the series, although the story is not a part of the official canon scripts. Let’s not forget that K-ON! is currently one of the most popular shows in not only Japan, but also the vast world of anime as a whole.
The movie will premier in over 130 cinemas across Japan on December 3, 2011

Three new songs were also announced to be a part of the official OST: Ichiban Ippai (opening), Unmei♪wa♪Endless! (theme song) and Singing (ending). In the trailer there is the instrumental theme track and opening song.


Source: Anime News Network


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