FLCL Manga Omnibus to launch in 2012

Dark House Comics announced on their official Twitter page that they have planned to air a new manga series next year. The title of the project is FLCL. Hajime Ueda’s adaptation of the popular Gainax anime series FLCL into manga and this was published by Kodanasha in two volumes in 2000 and 2001. Tokyopop managed to release the manga too, before the shutting of their North American branch.

What is FLCL about? This is the story of Naota – a completely ordinary sixth-grader who has to suffer through the common adolescent issues of having his brother leave home and being advanced on by his girlfriend… One day, he is run down by a small Vespa. The driver is an odd woman by the name Haruko who claims to be a hyperkinetic. With this event his life changes, maybe for good. Since Haruko moves in with Naota, strange things begin to happen in the boy’s usually calm and peaceful town.

Source: Anime News Network

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