One Piece for PS3 – the game is up!

In this year’s edition of Shueisha ‘s Weekly Shounen jump magazine, it was revealed that One Piece’s Kaizoku Musou (Pirates Musou) PS3 game will be released in Japan by Bandai Namco Games. As you may know, Musou is a popular action game franchise and this collaboration between the immense anime and manga One Piece and this game. Though we are all still in the dark about the exact date of the release, snippets and official video are said to be in the program for 2011’s edition of the Tokyo Game event in the Makuhari Messe centre.

One Piece is considered to be one of the greatest 3 of anime and manga currently. It is undoubtedly going to bring a lot of gains for the producers, but this is not all – surely every One Piece fan would love to have the great characters on their PS3 at home and be able to live the favourite show themselves.

Source: Anime News Network

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