Mobile Suit Gundam AGE’s sound cast is announced!

Here’s the list of the voices and theme song artists for next month’s new installment of the Gundam franchise – Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


Furitto Asuno -> Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Emily Amondo -> Aya Endo
Dike Ganheiru-> Kouki Miyata
Guruudekku Einoa-> Hiroki Touchi
Wolf Eniakuru-> Daisuke Ono
Narration-> Kazuhiko Inoue
Opening Theme Song – JAM Project
Ending Theme Song – Minami Kuribayashi “Kimi no Naka no Eiyū” (“The Hero in You”)

The new anime series blossoms in a time of peace and long forgotten wars. Then, though, the people, who have transferred to space colonies long time ago, are attacked by UE (unknown enemy). The main character is Furitto Asuno – a young boy who losses his mother to the war. The seven-years-old lives in a once powerful colony that is one of the next aims of the UE. This boy, though young, is entrusted with the ancient technology once used to create a “Gundam” – a mechanical fighting unit that was once considered a savior. All the information is in the “AGE Device” that is transferred to each new generation in his family.

Seven more years after these events, Furitto is a main technician in his area and, together with his friends, and the use of his very own creation – the Gundam – he has to fight off the UE.

Source: Anime News Network

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