Rozen Maiden Licensed by Sentai Filmworks!

Yesterday it was announced that Sentai Filmworks has acquired the rights over the highly popular anime series Rozen Maiden. The first 12 episodes and the second 12 episodes entitled Rozen Maiden: Traumend together with the OVA episodes known as Rozen Maiden: Overture are all included in the package. This will be the first official release of the episodes in North America.


Sentai Filmworks is one of the most rapidly growing anime companies that come from the States. With buys such as High School of the Dead, Canaan and Angel Beats they pace towards the top 3 of the league. The show they have bought the rights for, Rozen Maiden, is a show about dolls that come to live and fight for the right to become full, living girls and not only strange dolls.



Source: Anime News Network

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3 thoughts on “Rozen Maiden Licensed by Sentai Filmworks!

  1. Hope the fact they come from the USA won’t damage the quality of anime produced, as time passes by. I would HATE this to happen, but good luck in making anime (let it stay as it is) even more famous!

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