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Shinigami-sama has switched timelines and hasn’t updated this portal in the past four years!

The whole project was handled by a couple of enthusiasts and life got in the way.

Now it’s just one, but I guarantee you – this new version of your lovely, charming, cute Shinigami is better, although not bigger!

My desire to revive this project is huge, but I will probably need help.


Looking for volunteers

If you are:

– Excited about anime, manga, Japanese culture and history

– Looking for a place to write and have your work published

– Aware that akuma is in the detail


Write to the site’s email: o.shinigami.sama@gmail.com so we can see how you can help revive this place!


List of fixes – 2020:

– Site template changed and edited to fit the theme

– Old site Logo removed

– Site is once again available to search engines after about two years of being absent

– Site colours back to orange+white

– Site front page updated to Under Maintenance/ Internal updates page

– Ancient posts template switched for a smaller and screen-fitting one

– Removed references to expired Google+ services

– Removed broken list of posts at the end of search results and archive pages




Disclaimer: This is a fan project. Most graphics don’t belong to The Shinigami List. If you need something removed, credits are due etc – I am more than happy to fix things. Use the email from this page to contact me. Copyright on written content, unless specifically mentioned, however, belongs to this website. Content has been written by and for The Shinigami List. If you feel your content is duplicated on the pages of this portal – contact me. We’ll talk it through.