Shinigami-sama Hello, everyone! こんにちは!

どうぞよろしく, I am Shinigami-sama.

You are probably wondering where did I come from and why did I so suddenly appear? Well, to tell you all the truth, I am here to save the world. Yes, honestly, don’t look at me like that! I may look small, but I am a very old reaper! You may even call me The Reaper.

My work here is simple – I will share with you all about what is happening in the shinigami world. This includes, of course, news and useful information on the things that interest us – shinigami. Also, this includes giving you my personal opinion on everything and everyone that comes within my vision. You will be able to read my reviews on the main page. Also, I will have some of my fellow friends come and share some of their eternal wisdom with you too, so be on the lookout for special appearances by other like me.

Feel free to use the contact form to talk to me and also, don’t be afraid to use the comment boxes. I love reading human opinions. After all, I am here to save you and not let you get lost into oblivion! *ahem*

Sincerly yours,

Why Shinigami-sama Came to Earth

This is how I got to come this this, the human, dimension. It was a bit different, but I am that fast that the image had to be fixed a bit so that it is visible what I did. It will be a part of my memoirs… if I ever have such a thing.

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