D.Gray-man HALLOW’s Main Cast Announced (Video)

D.Gray-man HALLOWThe new D.Gray-man anime’s main cast was announced in a recently uploaded new promo video for the upcoming project. But this is not all the information given! We also come to know the official title of the show D.Gray-man HALLOW, and when the first episode is expected to air on Japanese TV: July 2016.

Read on about all the details coming directly from the TMS Entertainment’s panel at AnimeJapan 2016.

The show’s video shows the cast that will participate in the production. Here they are:

Ayumu Murase replaces Sanae Kobayashi as Allen Walker

Takuya Sato replaces Takahiro Sakurai as Yuu Kanda

Natsuki Hanae replaces Kenichi Suzumura as Lavi

Ai Kakuma replaces Shizuka Itou as Lenalee Lee

Ryouta Asari as Alma Karma

Shinnosuke Tachibana replaces Daisuke Kishio as Howard Link

Yutaka Aoyama replaces Junpei Takiguchi as Millenium Earl

Masakazu Nishida replaces Toshiyuki Morikawa as Tyki Mikk

Yui Kondou replaces Ai Shimizu as Road Kamelot

Souichiro Hoshi as Wisely

The series, which will run on TV Tokyo (for now no other channels are announced), bears the tagline “Don’t stand still. Keep walking.”


I will keep on following the developments closely. You can also find out more details also on the official new D.Gray-man HALLOW website.

Judging by all media seen by now, do you think this show looks good or does it look exceptionally great?

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Even sooner than expected. Cool.


New seiyuu for all the main cast? Risky. Wish them all luck with all the hardcore fans.


Beautiful. I love how most of the the characters look and the dark mysteriousness of the animation they have kept. Still, could not recognise Lenalee, had to take a second look to verify if it is really her. Seems she has got a serious ‘reboot’… Still, the hype is real! :)


We even have a date! THANK YOU so much!!!!