Tite Kubo Left Twitter

shueisha tite kuboThe Bleach mangaka Tite Kubo has left Twitter. Although he was very active and engaged with his followers often, the author and creator has officially left the short-message social media. The act was announced 24 hours prior to happening. There is no real information about why Kubo has left the media and where will he continue his discussions with his fans from now on.

The mangaka is supposedly working on the very last parts of the Bleach manga series and the final moments of the ongoing battle for the Seiretei. The story’s end being near, there is no other logical explanation but to consider the time and concentration needed by him for completing the task.

Here is the final message as it was posted on the then-available tite_kubo Twitter account:


Yes, it does sort of say “temporary”.

Without further ado, the Shueisha department came out with a follow-up statement about the mangaka being impersonated and his character defamed. The company is going to pursue the mangaka and their own rights in court.

Source: Sueisha and (cancelled) Twitter account

Do you think this will lead to some good developments in the Bleach manga or?


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Wow…did not expect this, when coming to read the article! You guys are hilarious! :D

I hope Kubo-sama concentrates on the important things in life – manga and anime :) Will miss him on Twitter, though.


You should add ‘Alone’ at the end of the title ;)


I was so upset by what he did to Bleach many moons ago, I am not really sure I would even try understanding why he has pulled out this latest stunt. From his interviews and tweets, I came to think he is a bit too conceited and unapproachable as an author; someone who does not respect unfavorable opinions. Maybe this is the way to succeed, so kudos to Kubo :)

On a different note, I was hoping Mr Kubo dumps this ruined manga and starts anew. Seems like the franchise is still too big, though…unfortunately.


And why is a detergent manufacturer manga/anime news? Oh, wait – I think there was something…mind me.


You are a bad, bad person.


Well, thank you.


Maaaan…that’s nasty