Eurocosplay 2014 Winners!!!

Eurocosplay 2013EuroCosplay just ended and yes, yours truly was there to see it all happen! The winning entries and all others will soon be available on the site’s Facebook page – I hope you will enjoy them!

Here are the three winners in Eurocosplay 2014:

1st place and winning cosplay: Kairi as Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
2nd place: Yurai as Elsa (Frozen)
3rd place: Aoime as  Amethyst Ashe (League of Legends)

eurocosplay 2014 winners
Ah and I have a typo in the very winning country… I would have to apologise for this.

Additional honours received three entries – each chosen by a different member of the jury.

Malinda Chan chose Kei Lin Sama representing UK as Hana from Gate 7
CB Studios chose Henrik Pilerud representing Sweden as Xenomorph from Alien (1979)
Okageo chose Dora representing Bulgaria as The Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Let me remind you that last year we saw The Netherlands take the win with Poland and Italy in respecticaly second and third place.

Source: The photos – they were a wonderful gift from a friend. Thank you, Mei!

Who do you think should have won this year and are you happy with the performances?

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No armours this year from what I have heard…


Hmmm…do we see the decline of anime cosplay? Most winners lately are game-related, comics or Disney cosplays… I hope not, as I am not a fan.


Kairi is cool, congrats. Good to see a LoL cosplay win.


Thank you so much! Congratulations to the winners!


Ashe could have won if she had an arrow :D :D :D


Thank you for the speedy update! I absolutely loved the cosplay from Scissors Crown. Both cosplayers did a wonderful presentation and had absolutely stunning costumes. However, I realise I am subjective and not a judge and would like to congratulate the winners :)