Terraformars Spin-off Manga Oshiete! Michelle-kyokan Ending

terraformars The spin-off manga Oshiete! Michelle-kyokan is ending in the upcoming issue of the Shueisha’s Miracle Jump mag, coming out on 18th November. The series has been running since 17th June.

The story of Oshiete! Michelle-kyokan (Teach me! Professor Michelle) is about Michelle K. Davis and the Annex 1 team’s training and education period.

Just a day later, on 19th November, Shueisha will publish the book volume of the story.

If you haven’t checked out the returned Miracle Jump magazine, do so. This special issue of the Young  Jump is surely something to pay attention to.

Source: Miracle Jump magazine

Which is your favourite Terraformars character?

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Let’s hope it is the last we hear of this. What a misfortunate work of humanity this is…wish it was published and broadcasted on Mars rather than here.


Awesome manga