Watch Two Great SAO Arcs in The Upcoming Episodes

SAO Arcs Calibur and Mother's Rosario
SAO Arcs: Calibur key visual (left) and Mother’s Rosaio key visual (right)

The two great Sword Art Online arcs that will be covered in the upcoming new TV anime will be Calibur and Mother’s Rosario. The first one (Calibur Arc) will begin in episode 15, airing on 18th October while the second (Mother’s Rosario) – on 8th November. Read who will perform the new ED & OP below.

The new opening theme song will be performed by Tomatsu Haruka, Asuna’s seiyuu. Previous theme songs include the AnoHana ending theme song, Sword Art Online’s 1st ED and Zettai Karen Children‘s theme song..

The opening theme song will be performed by none other than the lovely LiSA.  Former projects include Angel Beats! (OP2&ED2) and Mekakucity Actors (ep. 6).

Source: Twitter

Do you think these arcs will adapt well via the show’s usual animation style?

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More SAO? Sure. :)


LiSA makes unforgettable openings, my favourite being Oath Sign for Faith/Zero.


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